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Thank you for your interest in the 35th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology.
The scientific programme can be found here:

Scientific programme

Please note that the confirmation of all abstract authors is still in process and there may be slight changes in the programme.


Tuesday 26.9.2023 | 13:30–18:00

Please note that this workshop takes place at the University Hospital of Cologne.

The workshop provides an introduction to therapeutic ultrasound in medicine with three lectures and two hands on lab sessions. The lectures give an introduces the three modes of action, namely thermal ablation, hyperthermia, and histotripsy. Furthermore an introduction characterization of ultrasound fields and MR-based thermometry is given. In particular, the function and work of the clinical Sonalleve® MR-HIFU system will be explained and demonstrated.

In two parallel lab sessions, participants will have the opportunity to atttend a demonstration of MR-guided HIFU system and learn more about ultrasound field characterization methods.



University Hospital of Cologne
Kerpener Str. 62
50937 Cologne
Building 70 (CIO building), Seminar room 3&4


Attention: Due to maintanance, the tram line 9 is not running between Neumarkt and University! Busses are supposed to run instead. Please plan extra time for commute.


  • Gail ter Haar: Introduction to Focused Ultrasound for ablation and hyperthermia
  • Florian Steinmeyer: Acoustical characterization and MR-Thermometry
  • Sin Yuin Yeo: MR-HIFU Sonalleve & clinical applications and translational research
  • Q&A

Parallel Workshops (with possibility to rotate):

1. MR-guided HIFU

This workshop is a hands-on demonstration of Magnetic Resonance Imaging-guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (MR-HIFU). The participants will get a chance to prepare their own sample and to perform a thermal HIFU treatment on it under MRI guidance. Finally, the samples will be retrieved and the effect of HIFU on tissue can be examined first hand.

2. Acoustic Characterization

This workshop offers hands on experience with the optical setup (Schlierensystem) suitable to visualize an ultrasound field. Participants will use the system for experiments to visualize the HIFU focus and perform histotripsy experiments. Further demonstration include the bouyancy balance and hydrophone setups to characterize ultrasound fields.

Wednesday 27 September 2023 | KOMED im MediaPark GmbH

Session 1: Educational: HT - Technology and Image guidance

Contens to be covered:

RF-HT technology applicators, whole body, capacitive a contraindications, technology constraints (implants), pitfalls, contraindications
Temperature guidance for RF and HIFU-HT, treatment planning
Intro to MR-HIFU and temperature measurment and guidance


  • Sultan Abdel-Rahman: Introducton on hyperthermia technology in general  (20 min)
  • Petra Kok: Plannning of Hyperthermia Treatments (20 min)
  • Sergio Curto: Introduction RF Hyperthermia & Temperature measurements, (MR) thermometry for RF (20 min)
  • Johannes Lindemeyer: Introduction to MR-HIFU technology & MR-thermomerty (20 min)

Session 2: Educational: Bioeffects of Hyperthermia

Contenst to be covered:

Thermal dose, temperature measures, lethal thermals dose , effects on cells (DNA repair HSP etc, CEM, lethal thermals dose), physiological response, oxygenation, perfusion, effect on vessels, permeability , TME
Immune response


  • Prof. Dr. Holger Grüll: Concept of Thermal dose and Related Parameters (30 min)
  • Prof. Dr. Gail Ter Haar: Bioeffects on tissue level: correlation between imaging and histology (30 min)
  • Prof. Dr. Franziska Eckert: Primer on Immunology (30 min)

Session 3: Educational: HT-Clinical applications

Contents to be covered:

key indication, state of the art mild HT → where is HT clinically accepted
combination with RT, Chemo, sequence (timing), also immune combo


  • Lars Lindner: Clinical Hyperthermia in combination with chemotherapy (30 min)
  • Oliver Ott:  Clinical Hyperthermia in combination with radiotherapy (30 min)